How friendly the Delta airlines cancellation policy is?

The great thing about the holidays is that it allows you to enjoy your time with the kids and families. Because of working life, we do not generally have a chance to spend such easy periods with our loved ones. I was glad to see my family happy and I can't compare this happiness to any other happiness. So I was super excited about the San Francisco trip but the demon COVID-19 virus killed our happiness. The Corona Virus has destroyed our day to day life and once again hampered our life. It's pretty regrettable if you need the time to miss a vacation. Although, it was a wonderful blessing to me when I knew that I would be a father. I dreamed about spending this year with my friend, who reserved to discourage price increases during the busy summer season. Once I heard the report and accepted my awaited break, I was at Cloud Nine. Thank God, I made reservations for Delta Airlines because of its user-friendly cancelation policy. Delta airlines cancellation policy is best for the user who is not sure about the trip. The Delta cancellation policy ensures that the airlines will not impose any cancelation fees for travelers who choose to cancel their flights within 24 hours after their booking. The brownie argument here is that in certain conditions they would earn the entire reimbursement. Sadly, because I purchased it earlier and after lapses of more than 24 hours the airline charges cancellation fees as per the reasons.

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